Remote Backups: Data loss...It’s not a question of IF it will happen, it’s WHEN it will happen, and keeping your data in one location, even if you backup locally, can be a disaster just waiting to happen. Things like viruses, human error, and Mother Nature, can be uncontrollable and wreak havoc on your data, costing you time and money. There are really only two types of data, data that's lost, and data yet to be lost. That’s why you need the insurance of a dependable, and secure off-site backup solution for all your important files. BlueTower’s remote backups are automatic and securely encrypted. That encryption means the only one who can read your data is you. There’s no need for you to have any technical knowledge to get started! Just simply call our professionals and they will set it up specifically for your needs. Don’t be fooled into backing up with so called “discount” services, only to find it can take several days to recover your valuable data, and cost a small fortune in hidden fees! BlueTower will restore all of your data as fast as you need with no hidden fees or gimmicks. Just call 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us to start protecting your important data today.