Hardware and Software Support:
With BlueTower Tech there are no contracts to sign, no retainers to pay, and no lengthy terms to meet. Your business won’t be locked into the lengthy commitment, and large upfront costs of an IT contract. You can instantly invest the money you save towards focusing on what your business needs to grow. Simply call on BlueTower only when you need our help, or be proactive and setup a preventative maintenance schedule that fits your budget. It doesn’t matter what kind of hardware or software you use because our experienced professionals constantly adapt different technologies, and can also help recommend something to fit your specific needs. Our clients have access to 24/7 emergency support in the US, and you can also utilize our remote desktop support, helping save you money over onsite costs. If you need emergency parts or computers we keep a vast inventory on hand, and our unbeatable buying power with Dell and other manufacturers will help you get the best prices anywhere, even if you buy direct! When you compare the costs of our services versus an IT contract, or hiring an IT person, you’ll see savings with BlueTower that will help your company save year after year. Call 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us for more information.

IT Consulting: When you have questions BlueTower is there to answer them and guide you in the right direction to help your business make the most of its resources. Your expertise is more valuable to your company than the time you spend supporting and managing your IT systems. We will even work with your current IT manager to provide the guidance needed to get the job done properly and efficiently. BlueTower Tech is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Agent, and QuickBooks certified specialist, so we are able to quickly identify and resolve any problems that you might encounter. If your current project is getting to be costly or you need guidance, consult with the experts at BlueTower today at 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us.

Website Hosting and Design: With more than 10 years experience in hosting and web design BlueTower offers you a secure, full service data center, with redundant high bandwidth internet, power, and cooling, to keep your website up and running. Whether you want a large secure site with maximum storage or just a basic site with minimal storage we can provide you with the tools and reliability to help your business succeed. To meet your specific needs with your budget in mind our web developers offer you the flexibility of using a basic template, all the way up to an intricate, fully customized website. You can depend on our updated servers for the latest in technology and 24/7 dependability. Our hosting facility offers full scalability, so that when your site grows, you can count on having the extra flexibility of our modular servers. BlueTower Tech provides the reliability you demand for all your hosting and website needs, at a price that fits your projects budget. Call 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us now for an affordable quote.

Spam Filtering: Consider this: If your employees spend only 5 minutes a day weeding out spam from their email accounts, it can add up to almost 2hrs a month per employee of wasted resources, and payroll expenses. Multiply this by the number of email accounts you actually have and you’ll see it becomes even a more significant amount each month. Now compare those hours and resources wasted with the few dollars per month spam filtering costs and trim up your budget easily. With BlueTower’s active content, policy-based filtering, and virus scanning, spam becomes a past annoyance. Using our spam filter also helps cut down on viruses because suspicious emails never even make it to your computer. Any questionable emails are held separately on a server so you can retrieve it later if needed. There is no excuse for spam in your inbox, so please call or email us to get spam free today at 585-756-8324 x 2.

Co-location: There’s no need to spend thousands on servers and equipment just to spend more money professionally maintaining them. Never worry again about server security, virus updates, or maintaining your server. We can maintain and update a server for you in our data center so you won’t have unexpected costs down the road. If you feel the need to stay “hands on” you can manage your own server here in our secure data center and take advantage of our redundant high bandwidth internet, cooling, and power. Utilizing our facilities frees up time, money, and resources that you can invest back into your business. Co-locate your own server, or rent one from us in our facilities, and realize the cost and resource benefits that companies all over the world are taking advantage of. Please call 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us for a specific quote.

Network Design: BlueTower Tech utilizes a variety of Information Technology services in order to rapidly identify a client’s needs and provide solutions that include desktop, premise wiring, and server technology. We can design, install, and support your entire LAN/WAN networking infrastructure using the latest enhancements in security and technology. Let’s face it; most people don’t notice how valuable their networks are until they’re down. If your network is down, your business is down, costing you time and money. We can help maximize your networks performance and reliability in order to avoid costly downtime. You will be able to count on your emails, documents, and applications to work dependably, and seamlessly. Give the BlueTower experts a call at 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us and rest assured your network will perform to its best abilities

Remote Backups: Make sure you protect your company’s valuable data! Keeping your data in one location, even if you backup locally, can be a disaster just waiting to happen. Things like viruses, human error, and Mother Nature, can be uncontrollable and wreak havoc on your data, costing you time and money. It’s not really IF it will happen but WHEN it will happen. That’s why you need the insurance of a dependable, and secure off-site backup solution for all your important files. BlueTower’s remote backups are automatic and securely encrypted, that encryption means the only one who can read your data is you. There’s no need for you to have any technical knowledge to get started! Just simply call our professionals and they will set it up specifically for your needs. Don’t be fooled into backing up with discount services that might be a little cheaper up front, only to find it can take almost a week to recover your valuable data, and cost a small fortune in hidden fees! BlueTower will restore all of your data as fast as you need with no hidden fees or gimmicks. Protect your important business data by backing up with BlueTower today. Call 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us.

Complete Failover Protection: If your organization can’t have any downtime BlueTower’s total failover solution can help. We can setup a live, real time clone of your sever for immediate emergency restoration. All that’s required is internet connectivity so complete off-site replication can be maintained in real time, without any geographical limitations. Our solution replicates only file changes, and limits its own bandwidth usage, so it won’t hog resources. We continuously capture the most recent data and make it immediately available, unlike tape backups and removable hard drive backups which are switched out manually and can take hours or days for data retrieval. Your company won’t have to experience several hours or even days of downtime to rebuild a server when it fails, as the replicated server steps right in and gives you a seamless transition. Give us a call at 585-756-8324 x 2 or email us for more details.

Hosted Exchange: An Exchange server may be one of the best investments you can make for your business, but it can cost thousands to setup and maintain in-house. That’s why Hosted Exchange is rapidly growing in popularity as more companies realize its cost benefits. We can take care of all your Outlook-Exchange needs at a fraction of what you would spend installing it in-house. Hosted Exchange also gives you the ability to check emails, share calendars and folders remotely, just as if you were in the office using a Blackberry, Smartphone, or any computer with an internet connection. We will take care of all the setup and maintenance on our end so you can focus on being more productive with your business. BlueTower offers you a secure data center with redundant high bandwidth internet, power, and cooling, so downtime won’t be an issue. Call or email us today at 585-756-8324 x 2 to help you take full advantage of all of the features a Hosted Exchange setup has to offer.