Spam Filtering: Consider this: If your employees spend only 5 minutes a day weeding out spam from their email accounts, it can add up to almost 2hrs a month per employee of wasted resources, and payroll expenses. Multiply this by the number of email accounts you actually have and you’ll see it becomes even a more significant amount each month. Now compare those hours and resources wasted with the few dollars per month spam filtering costs and trim up your budget easily. With BlueTower’s active content, policy-based filtering, and virus scanning, spam becomes a past annoyance. Using our spam filter also helps cut down on viruses because suspicious emails never even make it to your computer. Any questionable emails are held separately on a server so you can retrieve it later if needed. There is no excuse for spam in your inbox, so please call or email us to get spam free today at 585-756-8324 x 2.