Foldable Phones – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Samsung has always been one of the leading innovators in the technology industry. However, when it comes to smartphones, in particular, Samsung is constantly in search of cutting edge technology that will not only leave customers in awe but also make their life much easier. With that being said, Samsung has now taken it a step further by now announcing to the world, Samsung Galaxy Fold. With a striking price tag of $1,980, the Galaxy Fold comes with many bells and whistles that ought to be fully explored.


  1. Large Screen for Viewing


Naturally, having two screens that are connected to form one large screen will make reading and watching videos a breeze. It is also a remarkable feat that Samsung was able to craft this idea when others have tried and failed repeatedly. If Samsung perfects this idea, then the push to use foldable phones will increase drastically, which can lead to tablets being obsolete.


  1. Smooth opening and closing


The action of opening and closing the Galaxy Fold is more of a physical attraction. Smooth and fluid movement is something that consumers desire and is fully supported by this smartphone.


  1. Middle crease


Since this is a dual screen phone, a crease that runs across the front of the phone is expected. It can be visible in some lighting and some consumers may regard it as marring the phone’s beauty. But it is important to remember that the crease is a necessity for the phone to function well.


  1. Multitasking


The ability to perform different tasks simultaneously is always a gift. The dual screen accommodates this feature giving you the capability to browse different applications at the same time. However, operating this feature may be complicated and confusing for users who are not tech-savvy.


  1. Small screen


Regardless of the large dual screen that allows you to watch videos and play games effortlessly, at times when it is closed, you will have to use the smaller screen. The screen is relatively smaller since the corners and sides are unoccupied. Typing and using apps are now more difficult due to the small screen size.


  1. Decent battery life


It was advertised that the battery of the Galaxy Fold will last for more than a day. However, most reviewers have reported that, at most, the phone lasts them approximately 17 hours. After which, they will have to plug it in. Also, using the phone closed will drain the battery comparatively slower than when it is kept open. This is because, obviously, the dual screen uses more energy than the single screen.


  1. Low Durability


Gleaming, glossy finish and shiny glass give the Galaxy Fold a luxurious and premium appearance. However, under all this gleam and glamor, cheap materials are used to fulfill its function of being a dual screen phone. Underneath the glass is thin plastic, which allows the phone to bend like intended. Sadly, the plastic material is the root of the problems that other reviewers have complained of. Some common issues that you can face are screen distortion or bumps and ink runs.


  1. App Continuity


Google and Samsung came together and drafted the marvelous idea, that selected apps can move to the front of the phone when closed. This was created in hopes of reducing the lag when it is in use. However, as mentioned, this only applies to a few apps. This includes WhatsApp, Microsoft, Spotify, and, of course, Samsung and Google apps. If you desire that other apps have this feature, unfortunately, that may be more difficult to execute. It entails manually adjusting the size of the app when in fullscreen.


  1. Beautiful Camera


There are a grand total of 6 cameras that accompanies the Galaxy Fold. Two 12 megapixel and one 16 megapixel on the back, 10 megapixel for the outer screen and one 8 megapixels with another 10-megapixel camera found on the inside. With this many cameras, taking the perfect photo should be simple. Be that as it may, some reviewers have disclosed that the open form of the phone gives you better control of the settings. On the other hand, its closed form is easier to handle and is more discreet. Despite this, rest assured that your photos will be reproduced in the highest quality.


The Galaxy Fold have broken many barriers being one of the first operational dual screen phones. Still, there is much of repairs and adjustments that Samsung has to carry out in order to correct the faults. Recognizing this, Samsung has withdrawn the Galaxy Fold from the market and pushed its release date to June 13. Hopefully, after this, the Galaxy Fold will return bigger and better than ever before.