5 Tech Gadgets Under $250 That Make Great Gifts

Finding the best gifts for your loved one can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. This is because sorting the available options is an overwhelming and exhausting prospect. The process can even be tougher when you need a gift for a tech gadget lover, considering that the newest electronic doohickeys need a careful review of their specs.

So, if you are worried about the best tech gadget that you can buy, this article will shed light on the best products under $250 on Amazon. Check them out:

Solio Bolt Charger
A battery is always a cause of concern to all gadget lovers. The problem is, however, solved by having an excellent supportive device such as the Solio Bolt charger, which holds enough juice required to charge a smartphone two times without recharging.

One main benefit of using the Solio Bolt charger is its ability to be powered using different options. For instance, you can leave it in a sunny place since it has a solar panel, or you can plug it into a wall socket using a USB adapter cable or an adapter.

However, keep in mind that the charger does not come with a USB cable. You will need to purchase a separate cable for the companion device.


iPod touch
Purchasing a smartphone for the gadget geek in your life can be risky. This is because you are required to guess the operating system that the geek might prefer, while also committing that person to a contract of paying monthly data bills. The case is however not the same when it comes to the Apple iPod touch. It gives the user the experience of using a smartphone without experiencing the perky part of the phone.

The latest iPod models start at almost $169. They are quite pricey, but their features make it worth the price. The new iPod models use iMessage when there is a reliable network connection, thus giving you an instant messaging capability. The users can also video call each other, even on Apple mobile devices using the Facetime app.


Microsoft universal foldable keyboard
This is an ideal gift for writers. It can sometimes feel difficult to deal with a large number of emails coming throughout the day. However, an individual with a lengthy commute and this convenient foldable keyboard will have an easier time getting stuff done, and it’s even easy to carry!

It doesn’t matter whether you are using your smartphone or tablet; the keyboard is well designed to work well with all Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and Windows tablets. You can also pair the keyboard up to three different operating systems and switch between them effectively.

The keyboard has a light and compact design, which makes it convenient to move from one place to another with it. Its rechargeable battery stays charged for more than six months after a single charge. Besides, it has a Bluetooth connection.  Your friend will definitely like this gift.


ROKU Express
Watching the latest music or the old sitcom videos can be fun, and it doesn’t compare to the same experience of television.  ROKU Express has three main versions, which differ in terms of their features. However, all of them are used by connecting the box to a television or a home network. They allow the user to watch internet movies through their TVs effectively.

The programming is not only limited to the content or channels you subscribe to.  You can connect the ROKU Express device to your account and watch the content if you are an Amazon prime customers, Hulu plus or Netflix instant user.    There are hundreds of other channels offering free, on demand content as well.



HP Elite Book 8470p
This refurbished version of HP Elite Book 8470p has been a favorite laptop for many users due to its generous RAM and Intel Core i5 processor. It would be a perfect gift for business users, especially those who store substantial amounts of data.

It has a good quality keyboard and a trackpad, which makes it ideal for the more extended typing sessions. It also features strong B&O dual speakers which produce an impressive sound.




Technology is changing every day, giving us better designs and reliable connectivity tech gadgets. The devices allow us to communicate effectively, and that’s what makes them even more excellent gift ideas.  Chose any of the above gifts and let your loved ones know that you care about their entertainment and communication.