Most Popular Streaming Devices for Cord Cutters

In today’s world, smart televisions are becoming more popular every day. This is mostly due to the wide range of services that are also similar to that of smartphones, tablets, and computers. The use of cable television is not as favorable as it once was as people are adapting with the times. Instead, persons are now gravitating towards streaming devices such as Roku players, Apple TV, Firestick and Nvidia Shield. Within this article, the most popular streaming devices will be outlines so that you will be more informed when making your next purchase.


Amazon FireStick 4K

It is not a coincidence that Amazon has the largest revenue for internet companies as they can’t seem to go wrong with the introduction of their streaming stick. The device supports 4k streaming as well as Dolby Atmos soundtracks for truly immersive audio. It also includes hardware-accelerated MPEG-2 video decoding for cord cutters who want to stream live TV over their home networks. The firestick comes with ALEXA digital assistant and it provides the most comprehensive voice experience of any streaming media player. It also allows you to view live camera feeds, check the weather, dim the lights, stream music. All of this can be yours for a low price of $50.


Roku Streaming Stick+

Just like the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, this device has an excellent price-to-features ratio. You will be able to experience 4K HDR videos as well as top quality audio as it supports Dolby Atmos. Stick+ is travel-friendly since it is the size of a USB and can be hidden easily behind your TV. Thanks to its powerful 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless support, you’ll receive a strong connection for steady streaming. Despite the positives, there is an aspect that may seem negative. The Roku Streaming Stick+ requires a display that comes with an HDMI or USB port.


Roku Ultra

The dynamic Roku Ultra 4K streaming box costs $85 on Amazon and $63 if you choose to purchase it at Walmart. It also comes with an Ethernet port that boosts your connection speed and if you want more storage then you can get a MicroSD card for your extra apps, pictures, videos, and features. What makes this Roku device even better is its ability to indicate its location if it was lost. This is possible with it’s “lost remote” button that triggers a tone whenever it cannot be found. This is a device that is, without a doubt, worth the money and lives up to its name.


Apple TV 4K

Apple hits the nail on the head once again with their 4K TV. Being a high-end competitor for the Roku, Amazon and Google devices, it is no surprise that you will have to pay a pretty penny for this quality. This tech costs around $179 at  Walmart and comes with a few bells and whistles. These include a lightning fast A10X fusion processor and 4K display and HDR that exhibits vivid images. Additionally, there is Dolby Vision and HDR10 for richer sound. If you are an Apple customer, you can easily copy your login info into your brand new Apple TV, saving you time.


Nvidia Shield

Now this $180 device may come as a shock to you due to its price, but the Nvidia Shield is a gamer’s dream. More than 200 console games can be played via Android TV which also extends to PC games as well. This device also supports controllers from PlayStation 4 and XBOX. If you desire a large library of games, there is no need to worry about space. Simply purchase a 16 GB memory card for $200 or a 500 GB for $300. The NVidea is shield is by far a great alternative for the conventional game consoles.


There are always breakthroughs in technology as we strive to be faster, stronger and better. These streaming devices were made to cater to cord cutters or those who desire all that a smartTV has to offer. It is common knowledge that these devices offer many features and are also convenient for everyday use. It is just up to you to choose which device suits your preferences. Whichever you may choose, rest assured that you will get the best couch experience for a fraction of the price.