Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

Upgrade your manual backup system with an automatic approach.

Protect against ransomware & other data crippling viruses

Calm your fears over the impact of natural & man-made disasters.

Data loss. It’s not a question of IF it will happen. It’s WHEN it will happen. Server crashes, hacker attacks, floods, fires, and natural disasters can all wreak havoc on your data, costing you time and money.
When it comes to backing up and protecting your company’s critical data, you need to know for certain – without any lingering doubts – that you could recover your files and be back up and running again fast.

That’s why you need the insurance of a dependable and secure off-site backup solution for all your important files.

BlueTower’s Remote Backups are automatic and encrypted. That encryption means the only one who can read your data is you. There’s no need for any technical knowledge to get started! Simply call our professionals and they will set it up specifically for your needs.

And if your organization can’t tolerate any downtime, BlueTower’s Total Failover Solution is the answer. We establish a live, real-time clone of your server for immediate emergency restoration. All that’s required is an Internet connection so a complete off-site replica can be maintained in real time, without any geographical limitations.

Our solution replicates only file changes, and limits its own bandwidth usage, so it won’t strain resources. We continuously capture the most recent data and make it immediately available (unlike tapes and removable hard drives, which need to be switched out manually and can take hours or days for data retrieval). Your company won’t experience this downtime to rebuild a server when it fails, as the replicated server steps right in and gives you a seamless transition.

Don’t let a disaster determine the future of your business. Get a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that’s there for you, no matter what.

We offer many different levels of services to fit all sizes of companies and budgets, so schedule a FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session with one of our experts to discuss what will best fit your needs.

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