Best Selling Home Security Systems

Best Selling Home Security Systems


One of the basic needs that humans have to meet is a sense of security. This is especially true for homeowners who wish not only to feel safe in their own home but also to protect all of their treasured possessions. Thankfully, there are many systems with a wide array of components that you can use to help you achieve this feeling.


  1. ADT Pulse


ADT is a popular security system that will require professional setup and installation but it is relatively expensive. The ADT Pulse also requires you to sign up with a monthly contract for three years at the price of $28.99. Within the contract, monitoring will be done for you and so you won’t need to do it yourself and it also comes with cellular and power outage backup. ADT is recognized as one of the bests as they have many possible add-ons, great service, and great user-friendly mobile and web applications.


  1. Vivint Smart Home


Vivint Smart Home is a subscription-based system that requires a professional setup and installation. The standard service plan is for $39.99 per month. However, you may opt to add other features such as a doorbell and thermostat, which is in the $49.99 Vivint Smart Home service plan. The service plan is not required however you would have to do self-monitoring on the app rather than having this task being taken care of by the manufacturers. Furthermore, the Vivint Smart Home also comes with power outage backup and cellular backup.


  1. SimpliSafe Home Security System


SimpliSafe is a well-known security establishment that offers various security systems. Its starter kit offers five different options starting with the Foundation Kit that costs $299, which consists of a base station, keypad, a motion sensor, and an entry sensor. At the more expensive end is the Haven Kit which costs $489. With this option, you will get a base station, keypad, key fob, two motion sensors, four entry sensors, a siren, a panic button, and many more. They also offer the option of professional monitoring.


  1. Nest Secure


Being a part of Google, the Nest Company expanded into the security environment with Nest Secure. The Nest Secure is sold at $399 and it consists of two tags, two sensors, and a base station. It works well with WiFi but for an extra fee of $5, you can use your cellular access as a backup. This system is designed for self-monitoring however you can have professional monitoring for $29 monthly or $19 monthly with a three-year contract. The Nest Secure is relatively expensive as add-ons are costly. The sensor used is the Stick Nest Detect however to add other sensors costs $49 per sensor. Furthermore, it is user-friendly and easy to install.


  1. Ring Alarm Security Kit


The Ring Alarm Security Kit is a security system that is easy to use and comes with the option of affordable professional monitoring. The basic alarm kit costs $199 and consists of a base station, contact sensing, keypad, and other basic features. It is also recognized for its very loud siren which gives customers additional peace of mind. However, additional parts can be bought separately as well as Ring Protect Plans for an additional $3-10 per month and are accompanied by added storage for videos. The system is maintained through the Ring app that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. All in all, the Ring Alarm Security is considerably easy to set up and use.


  1. Adobe Home Security Kit


The Adobe Home Security Kit does not offer professional monitoring as many others do however, it is favored as it is very expandable. It also offers a foundation kit starting at $299 consisting of a door or window sensor, key fob, a motion sensor, and a security sticker. To upgrade to the next kit would cost $329 and adding components such as a mouse or sirens would be an extra fee such as $79. This security kit is also managed through an app which is designed for self-monitoring. The Home Security Kit also comes with a power outage and cellular backup.




These are the best home security systems that money has to offer. Not only are highly praised and favored by customers but they also received positive reviews from the industry critics. Each home security system has its pros and cons. It is now your job to weigh these to see which one will more suit your needs. And remember, you can’t put a price on you and your family’s safety.